What is Leo AR?

Leo is the #1 augmented reality app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. People can experience advanced augmented reality through realistic and animated 3D objects in the real world by recording videos and sharing them with friends, family or all over the world.

Why Submit to Leo AR App?

Unlimited Storage

Reach millions of users through Leo AR Marketplace

In the past, 3D designers were limited to a small number of places to distribute designs such as CGTrader, TurboSquid and a few others. In addition, dealing with corporate customers can be difficult. Now with the new Leo AR Marketplace, 3D designers can sell their models to millions of mobile users in seconds. Our marketplace provides a new revenue stream for all 3D designers all over the world.

The Highest Revenue

Experience your 3D models in mobile

Always wanted to see your 3D model in mobile? Look no further. Leo AR Marketplace allows you to finally see your 3D models in mobile, so that your models can be seen in more than 1 Billion smartphones devices globally. You can showcase and sell your 3D models through Leo Review App in mobile and in just a few seconds. Artists will have the ability to play around with their 3D models in the real world and showcase them to your friends and family right in the phone.

Customized Artist Page

Start to make money right now!

We believe in every single 3D artist in the industry. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Each artist is like a snowflake, unique in every form. Artists receive 70% of the revenue and directly get the money when a user completes a purchase.

Get Featured In The Leo App

Showcase your 3D object portfolio with the latest designs

Until now, 3D designers were limited to using videos to showcase their 3D objects to others. Now, with Leo AR Marketplace, designers can showcase their 3D models to customers as well as mobile users all over the World. Join Leo AR marketplace to showcase your portfolio to the masses And in mobile.

Start To Sell In Five Seconds


Register as a Creator

You need to first create an account in order to upload objects to Leo.


Upload Your 3D Models

Upload Your 3D ModelsAfter creating an account, you can upload 3D models through the designer dashboard.


Test Your Model In The Real World

You can test 3D models in real-time in mobile through the Leo AR App. You are also able to customize the 3D model as you want through Leo Review App.


Start to Sell and Make Money

After testing and approving the model, you can start to sell and earn money!

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Executive Team

Leo led by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs and experts in augmented reality.

Dana Loberg

Dana Loberg

Co-Founder - CEO

Sahin Boydas

Sahin Boydas

Co-Founder - CTO